GT730 2G DDR3 discrete graphics card, suitable for high-definition video office use, factory wholesale


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brand : XHVGA/Xiang Hong

model: GT730 2G

chip manufacturer: nVIDIA

Chip model: GT730

core bit width: 64bit

Graphics card slot: PCI Express 2.0

interface: VGA

Memory capacity: 2GB

memory type: DDR3

memory bit width: 64bit

core frequency: 810MHz(MHz)

memory frequency: 1000MHz(MHz)

Stream Processor Unit: 48 (pieces)

3D API: DirectX 11

Number of pipelines: 48

Chip process: 40nm





     [Due to the particularity of electronic products, their prices may fluctuate due to various factors, so please consult us for inventory and current prices before purchasing. The prices and inventory on the link are only for reference. The specific price Subject to the quotation from our customer service, we do not accept any form of refund or refund in disguised form if the price of the product is reduced after payment has been paid or the product has been shipped! ] [Batch shipments, Faanneng Logistics, specific negotiation between the two parties, in general, FCL shipments, 10 pieces per box, single express, STO Express, SF Express, etc.!


One. 7 days return:】     [Whether it is a peer wholesaler or a single individual purchaser, if you are dissatisfied with the product within 7 days from the date you receive the product (limited to our company’s three-guarantee service specification), our company provides a return service. For returns or exchanges caused by quality problems, our company will bear the one-way postage for return or replacement of new products of the same model, that is, AA system, which means that you bear the return postage, and we bear the delivery postage (postage paid when purchasing). exception). For other reasons (including appearance, performance, etc.) that are not satisfied and need to be returned (within the company’s three-guarantee service specification), return and exchange can be provided if the product appearance, packaging accessories, etc. are in good condition and do not affect secondary sales. Service, but our company does not bear any postage, hereby declare: everyone may think it is unfair: there is a problem with your product, why ask the buyer to bear part of the freight, you should bear the return freight! However: you must understand that electronic products have their particularities, unlike clothes ~ shoes, etc., no one can guarantee 100% problem-free, and logistics and transportation are also easy to cause damage, so once there is a quality problem , the request that the seller should bear all the responsibilities will not be accepted by our company. If you cannot accept the terms, please do not buy, thank you for your support!  【2. 1 month replacement:】     [Whether you buy a single piece or a batch, from the date of receipt of the product, within 7 days to one month, if the product has any failure (limited to the company’s three-guarantee service specification), the company will provide a package For the service of exchanging products of the same model and specifications, our company will not bear the round-trip shipping costs for exchanging goods during this time period! Customers can choose to pay the postage to us first, or choose the method of postage on delivery (Note: postage on delivery will be more expensive than cash, except for SF Express). For wholesale customers, you can purchase the goods after the replacement, and we will exempt some of the shipping costs as appropriate to reduce your shipping costs! Exchange time: within 2 working days from the date of receipt of the goods by our company. Thanks for your support!  【Three. 1 year free warranty:】     [All buyers, from the date of purchase, if there is a quality problem within 1 year (except for products with one-year warranty and no one-year warranty), our company provides free warranty services (limited to our company’s three-guarantee service specification) within). Our company will not be responsible for the return shipping costs arising therefrom. Warranty time: It will be completed within 3 to 5 working days from the date of receipt of the goods by our company, and no more than 7 working days in special circumstances.   【Three Guarantees Service Regulations:】     [1. Regarding the three-guarantee service provided by our company, everything is implemented in accordance with the relevant regulations of our company, and has nothing to do with the three-guarantee policy stipulated by other companies and the state. Then, whether it is: return ~ exchange ~ warranty, first of all appearance It must be in good condition. For improper operation and use: broken, burned, soaked in water, or disassembled without permission, repaired, and the warranty label is missing or damaged, it is not within the scope of the Three Guarantees.       [2. For products that can be returned or exchanged, the packaging accessories must be in good condition and not affect the secondary sales, otherwise part of the payment will be deducted as appropriate.      [3. The company does not provide the replacement of products of different models. If a product of a different model is replaced, it will be replaced after a negotiated agreement with relevant discounts depending on the specific situation (if there is a price reduction for the purchased product, the current price shall prevail, and On the basis of the current price, deduct the cost of the fan baffle and then depreciate it. If you purchase it within one month, it will be discounted at 70%, within 1 to 3 months, at 40%, and if it is more than 3 months, it will be discounted at 50%)]      [4. For out-of-warranty products, our company can still provide paid maintenance services (ie repairs), but whether it is repaired or not, our company will not be responsible for the return postage. Relevant material costs (labor not included), we only provide 3-day testing time for repaired products, and there is no warranty.       [5. Matters not covered in this regulation can be negotiated by both parties, and the final interpretation right belongs to the company. Finally, thank you for your strong support and long-term care for the company, thank you!       


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